Cars being displayed in the showroom next to a specification sheet where you can read all the technical details. They’re rigid and lack a sense of engagement with the consumer. All the POSM show the cars in a hero shot.


Xterra's target consumer like taking on rough roads to truly enjoy the 4WD experience and are eager to reach places others don’t dare to go. 


Taken from the Arabic saying: "meen addak?!"...

"Conquering tough situations shows how much of a true man I am"


Displaying the vehicle in dramatic outdoor locations wouldn’t distinguish Xterra from the rest. To bring out the Xterra attitude, the concept showed how it makes even the toughest terrain look easy, like a piece of cake.


One show design 2009 / Merit
Clio 2009 / Finalist
Cannes 2009 / Finalist
NY festival 2009 / Finalist
Lürzer's Archive 3/2009
Dubai Lynx 2009 / Finalist

My contribution

Strategy + Ideation