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Direct Mail


Re-Launch Maybelline NY's Color Sensational red lipsticks to young ‘veiled’ Arab women.


Arab women have always loved being feminine and flamboyant. In her own way, the Arab woman wants to be seen and heard, and wants to 'leave her mark'.


Veiled women spark curiosity. You want to know what's underneath the veil...


Red Mark was developed while adhering to the restrictions of Saudi Arabian culture; our communication could not include pictures or videos of models. We used the 'curiosity' element (i.e. Red Lady) to tell the story of who is really underneath that veil. 

An extensive communication media mix was created. It covered Facebook, TV, cinemas, sponsorships, and radio. 

Results / recognition

Facebook fan page grew by 60% in 3 weeks
Over 140,000 pictures uploaded in the first 10 days
Regional Sales increased by 67% for over 2 months
Dubai Lynx 2011 / finalist

My contribution

Strategy + Ideation