It's the weekend... let's make something...

One of the most challenging things for parents to teach their children is to cover up their mouths when they cough/sneeze and to wipe their noses with a tissue afterwards. 

What better way to do this than to turn the tissue box into a whale and make it dance and push tissues out, each time the whale hears a sneeze or a cough?

I put this together with LittleBits. The work made it to the ‘Best of Roundup by Creator's Project’.

Lead time: 30min



After natural disasters animal donations usually come last on the list and very few people relate to the cause - including pet owners. 

Insight: “my pets are parts of the family but others pets are just animals”

Users’ social profiles are expanding to include their pets and on average they are spending $500-$1000 on pet toys online. There is major rise in social platforms ‘in-game purchases’ (FarmVille’s revenue in 2012 was $725M). So why can’t we create a Facebook game for younger pet owners and donate all their ‘in-game’ purchases (i.e. virtual adoption, accessories, pet clout, etc.) to animal shelters as donations?

Lead time: 1 day


The Bomb Watch

The Bomb Watch

How often does Geoff Mcgann call you up to do a project for him? Not just any project but something with Bombs and Watches (yeah I am a big watch fan). He was once arrested for wearing these watches and he is now showcasing them as ‘art pieces’ at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. We put the site together for the show over night.

Lead time: 4hrs