Transform Wild Birds Unlimited from a Gift Store to a Nature Shop.


From the backyard bird watcher admiring out her kitchen window to the avid birder on a scientific pursuit, Wild Birds Unlimited should own the thrill of discovery in nature.

w/ help from Seung Woo Suh (Store layout / 3D)



Store: We created an experience that brought the avid birder and the amateur backyard watcher to one place without segregating their experience - ‘nature away from nature’. We used elements from nature to bring the birding experience closer to the consumer (i.e. organic wooden shelvings and dividers). We also placed a real tree in the middle of the store that showcased our bird feeders - with real birds). Also the tree brought the birdwatching to life as a store focal piece. 


Flagship store layout

Small store layout

In-store tree (day/night)

In-store tree (day/night)

Site UX -  mimicking the motion of bird watching

Site UX -  mimicking the motion of bird watching


Web UX: navigation mimicked the motion of bird watching - hovering from one branch/tree to another. We got rid of The Store and made online shopping native to the scene that the user was watching (on-spot purchase)


We made their shopping bags into disposable bird feeders