We were asked by Hyundai USA to bring Conversation AI into their website experience. This is how we imagined that experience under a comprehensive “Service Design”. We tried taking the user through Hyundai Purchasing Funnel as a guided experience provided by a Bot who we’d like to call “Hy”.

My Role:

IC and lead designer on the pitch - of course we did win the account :) - VUI, UX, UI, Conversation Flow, Prototype, Voice Prototype, Alexa Prototype, initial research

I also tried creating a multimodal experience for Alexa. Scroll down…

Hy ChatBot 2.jpg
[KN] Hyundai Chatbot - Proto 5.gif


I want to extend the voice experience and create a multimodal experience on Amazon Alexa. I recreated the conversation flows on a tool I often use for voice prototypes for Alexa and Google - VoiceFlow. Then started prototyping the experience.

Here are some screen grabs of the process and also a recording of the Alexa interaction.

Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 9.00.20 PM.png
Hyundai - VoiceFlow.png

IMG_6955 Copy.png

Some of the research findings on the Use Context and Use Cases of their Conversational Interaction


Initial Flows and Site Map

Group 42.png