Soheil is a deeply passionate design leader, thinker and doer. He has been in the Communication and Design business for over 16 years. He is your true case of “been there, done that” - started off in Account Management, moved to Strategy, then worked as a Creative, won various international awards, taught at highly ranked universities in Design and Communication and now he specializes in Digital Innovation with a focus in Product Design, Machine Learning, Conversational AI Design, Service and Ecosystem Design, and experiences merging digital and physical environments. Throughout his career, he has created various integrated experiences for brands like Nissan, L’Oreal Paris, MINI, Nature Made, Priceline, Blue Shield CA, Redfin, Animal Supply Co., Warwick Hotels and KPMG. He is an Amazon alum (worked on Alexa New Technologies) and after designing 3 games for Alexa (“Trivial Pursuit Tap”, “Party Foul”, “Don’t Cut that Wire”) He has established a knack for “Game Design”.

Currently, he is the Creative and Product Design Director at Neudesic, focusing on the next-generation Knowledge Management platform, He leads his teams focusing on fostering collaboration, design ownership, creative autonomy and culminating the art and science of design. He doesn’t settle for “good enough” and pushes for the best product choices in UX design, conversational AI design and UI innovation, all the while knowing how to get a product out the door, and on time.

He has moved disciplines since he truly believes creativity appears at the intersection of disciplines. He is an avid Design Thinker and brings a unique flavor of Creative Thinking into the mix too.

He imagines, designs and implements the next generation of experiences, innovations and products which connect people and brands on an emotional level.

He currently lives in Irvine, CA with his wife, 6yr old daughter and 3yr old son. He is Iranian-American and throughout his life, he has lived in Tehran, Dubai, Paris, Limassol, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Richmond VA and San Francisco.