I am a deeply passionate design leader, thinker, and doer. I have been in the Communication and Design business for over 16 years. My curiosity has moved me through a couple of disciplines - started off in Account Management, moved to Strategy, then worked as a Creative, won various international awards, taught at highly ranked universities in Design and Communication and now I specialize in Product Design with a focus in Digital Innovation, Machine Learning, Conversational AI Design, Service and Ecosystem Design. My goal is to create seamless experiences merging digital and physical environments. Throughout my career, I have created various integrated experiences for brands like Nissan, L’Oreal Paris, MINI, Nature Made, Priceline, Blue Shield CA, Redfin, Animal Supply Co., Warwick Hotels and KPMG. After designing 3 games for Alexa Show and a HUD interface for "Medical Gaming" startup in the Bay Area, I have established a knack for “Game Design” too.

Currently, I am the Director of Product Design and UX at Neudesic/Unika, focusing on the next-generation Knowledge Management platform, Unika.ai. I lead my team focusing on fostering collaboration, design ownership, creative autonomy and culminating the art and science of design. I don’t settle for “good enough” and push for the best product choices in CX/UX, conversational AI and UI innovation, all that while knowing how to get a product out the door, and on time.

I have moved disciplines since I truly believe creativity appears at the intersection of disciplines. I am an avid Design Thinker and bring a unique flavor of Creative Thinking into the mix too.

I imagine, design and implement the next generation of experiences, innovations, and products which connect people and brands on an emotional level.

I currently live in Irvine, CA with my wife, 7yr old daughter and 4yr old son. I am Iranian-American and throughout my life, I have lived in Tehran, Dubai, Paris, Limassol, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Richmond VA, and San Francisco.