There are over 10 million ways to customize a MINI — a unique selling point for the brand. What better way to highlight this than by letting fans customize their own MINI ad for the world to see?


Online Ad Builder

We’ll let MINI fans build their dream MINI on the online configurator, and include a Twitter text field for them to write a headline and create their own MINI ad.


Digital Billboard

Once the user is finished customizing and submits the ad, it will be displayed on a digital billboard in Times Square. The billboard will refresh as users create ads in real time, visually illustrating MINI’s large variety of available options.


Twit Pic Reply

MINI will take a picture of the ad and tweet it back to the user so they can see the ad live. Integrating Twitter also allows MINI to directly follow up with people using the ad customizer the most.


User-Targeted Banners

Using cookies, MINI will take the ad the user just made and convert it into targeted banners displayed to that same user.