Let's make the shoes that everybody loves to hate a bit more fun. With a bit of a tweak to their Jibbitz, we connected the shoes to the internet...

Jibbitz are powered with Bluetooth that makes your shoes connect to your phone or any other connected device.


 We 3D printed a pair for the prototype.


Jibbitz can work as your pedometer too. It calculates your 'true steps' when you actually walk. Unlike your wristband wearable, that is currently counting all those repetitive hand movements in the bathroom as 'steps' - Good news, you are burning calories either way.


You can also track the location of different pairs with the built-in GPS. 



Jibbitz allow Kids to bridge the physical and digital worlds while encourages them to have more ‘physical’ fun activities promoting a healthier lifestyle from an early age. Each day there is a certain task assigned, where kids get to collect points based on their performance (e.g run for 2min, do jump and jack for 10min) and unlock their favorite game's next level.

Crocs Mock 1.png
Crocs Mock 3.png