Brand Manifesto Video

Flagship Store - The Wave

Store within a store - The Board

Pop-up Store - The Beach

Social activation

Website Redesign


Billabong has lost its appeal. The brand is stretched so thin to various subcategories that has lost its brand equity (currently at $0 value). 


Take the brand back to its root and make Billabong appeal to the surfer cult.


Billabong makes surfers, not clothing.


Surfing is not a sport. Surfing is a lifestyle…is a state of mind. A self-disruption. An addiction. It’s the closest feeling of being one with the nature.

My contribution

Concept + Experience Design + store Visual/Interaction Design + Posters/Book Visual Design + Strategy


Karen Hymes - CT

Nicole Lague - CW

Nicole Smith - AD

Emily Uram - AD

VCU Interior Design Undergrad