The Middle East is the No.1 market for the Nissan Patrol due to its engine performance and off-road capabilities. However, the reputation of the model had slightly waned after some technical issues due to poor fuel economy. This lead the way for the Toyota Land Cruiser to take its place as the preferred Japanese Large SUV.


Our challenge was to re-introduce the car after 10 years and communicate the new features, luxurious looks, engine size, and off-road capabilities. 


Since its introduction to the Gulf in the 1950s, the car has become an important part of the region's heritage - it was used as the main utility of transportation during the development stages of the region). At times, the Patrol is referred to as the "Hero”.


We ‘forced’ other SUV owners to ‘test drive’ the Patrol. We blocked their cars and left a note encouraging them to move the Patrol. Once inside, they heard a message explaining the features and inviting them to do a real test drive at the dealership.

As the brand team, we encouraged each local dealership to follow this execution. The video was done by the UAE dealership.

Post-launch Challenge

The new Patrol is more luxurious than other competing SUVs in its class. How do we get the potential customers to see it for themselves?

Results / Recognition

70% increase in test drives at the dealership

Dubai Lynx 2011 / Gold

Dubai Lynx 2011 / Silver

Dubai Lynx 2011 / Bronze

My contribution

Strategy + Part of the Ideation team + Account lead